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Life with Braces

Direct Injuries to the Mouth and Teeth

True Orthodontic emergencies are very rare, but when they do occur we are available to you.  As a general rule, you should call the office when you experience severe pain or when something is broken, loose and causing discomfort to you. Occasionally, some patients will experience an injury to the mouth during treatment.  If you experience direct injury to the mouth or teeth, immediately ice the injured area and contact your dentist.  If an appliance is dislodged or comes loose, we will need to replace or adjust the appliance as soon as possible, after you have seen your general dentist.

Orthodontic Repairs and Comfort Visit

Sometimes, appliances will be broken or bent during your orthodontic care. If you experience a loose band, broken or poking wire, please call our office to make a repair appointment.  These appointments are to make you comfortable and at times we may not replace the bracket until your next appointment.

After Office Hours

If an orthodontic repair arises where the patient is uncomfortable after hours, please contact our office. The answering machine will provide a number to call for further assistance. We want you to be comfortable.

Loose Bracket and Poking Wires

The bracket may slide or rotate on the wire. If uncomfortable, cover the loose bracket with wax. If the bracket in the very back comes loose, you may remove it and bring it to your next appointment.  You can clip poky wires yourself or with the help of a parent. Clip the wire with fingernail clippers or wire cutters.  If the wire is still poking, place wax or cotton onto the tip and call us for help.


Wire is Out of the Last Bracket

You may attempt to insert the wire back into the hole or tube in the bracket. Hold onto the wire with tweezers, line it up with the bracket tube, and slide it through.

Wilkinson Orthodontics rewards

Get Rewarded

Successful orthodontics is a team effort and YOU are our key player! We've created our Ortho Bucks and Kids Club Rewards Programs to recognize your accomplishments and congratulate your winning achievements. These are incentive programs based on your compliance.
You set the bar… every visit is an opportunity to earn ortho bucks for cool prizes.

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Changing Smiles

Changing Lives

Nominate a child or adult to get free braces

We choose two exceptional individuals to receive complimentary, full orthodontic treatment. Our winners are chosen based upon letters of recommendation by their friends and loved ones describing their need, character, and how they have helped others in need, plus a personal interview with our team members.

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